Your Hair Brushing Guide to Stimulate Hair Growth

Guide to Stimulate Hair Growth

How much time each day do you spend brushing your hair? If you’re experiencing hair loss related to Telogen Effluvium, you might find that you’re avoiding the brush for fear that you’ll be picking a lot of hair out from between the bristles. While that fear is understandable, it might be counterintuitive. 

Did you know that hair brushing can stimulate hair growth? It all has to do with circulation and nutrients. A little scalp stimulation from your hairbrush might be the key to regrowing a gorgeous head of lush and healthy hair. 

But how does hair brushing contribute to scalp health, and why? Read on to learn how and why hair grows, and how a little scalp massage can make a big difference! 

The Hair Growth Basics

Despite a newborn baby’s reputation for baldness, human beings are born with about five million hair follicles already on their heads. These are all of the follicles that they will have for their entire lives. This includes all of your body hair, however, leaving only about 100,000 follicles on your scalp itself, where it matters.

Beneath each follicle, under your skin, there is a root. This isn’t unlike the root of a plant. The blood from your body provides nutrients and oxygen to the follicle, and thus, the root, allowing your hair to grow. 

As hair grows it pushes up through the follicle and becomes exposed to oil glands near the scalp. The oil is what makes your hair appear shiny, and adds some luxurious softness. 

Hair loss is a normal part of hair growth, and it’s perfectly normal for an individual to lose somewhere between fifty and one hundred hairs per day. At all times different follicles will be active, resting, shedding, or regrowing. When your follicles enter that resting state prematurely, it’s called Telogen Effluvium

It can be difficult to determine the cause of Telogen Effluvium hair loss because it typically happens weeks or even months afterward. High-stress events on the mind or body are usually the culprit. The most important thing to remember is that when hair falls out, it’s because new hair is growing beneath it, so don’t worry.

Even so, hair is a point of pride for many women, who are eager to see their hair grow back quickly. A few techniques have a reputation for stimulating hair growth, even following a Telogen Effluvium event. 

Hair Brushing for Hair Growth

You may have heard stories from the Victorian or Edwardian era about women dutifully brushing their hair for exactly one hundred strokes so it would stay thick and shiny. While this may come off as a way to pass the time before the invention of television, there is real science behind it. Brushing your hair actually does stimulate hair growth. 

Circulation is a huge component of healthy hair growth. Remember that it’s the blood flow to the hair follicles that provides the oxygen and nutrients that hair needs to grow. The better your circulation, the more your hair will flourish, almost like a flower given miracle gro! 

Brushing can also change the distribution of the scalp oil already in your oil glands. The nutrients in the oil can make hair healthier, too. 

While your regular hair brush can help, some women have found even more success using a scalp brush and getting serious about regrowing their damaged hair. 

Scalp Massage for Hair Growth

A scalp brush is also sometimes called a scalp massager. These tools might look a little scary, with large teeth instead of fine bristles, but they can get down to the root of your hair loss problem – literally. The bristles are often made of silicone or other synthetic materials, so even an aggressive hair massage won’t hurt you. 

Brushes for scalp massage come in two varieties. Some brushes work on a dry scalp, while others, sometimes called shampoo brushes, work best on wet hair during a shower. Both varieties have all the benefits of brushing for hair growth, with the added benefit of helping you develop a healthier scalp. 

Scalp brushes exfoliate, getting rid of dead skin on the scalp, excess scalp oil, and product buildup. They also feel wonderful and can become an excellent component of your self-care routine. If stress is the cause of your hair loss, then adding a little me-time to your routine can only help!

Be aware that even a high-end scalp massager cannot cause your hair to grow if it isn’t already growing. All it can do is encourage growth by stimulating circulation, distributing oils, and ensuring the health of your scalp. It is one part of a hair regrowth routine and you can use it in collaboration with Tricovel tablets or shampoo. 

Thicker Hair Is Within Your Reach 

Stress happens. From childbirth to medical illnesses, there are a million reasons why you might experience Telogen Effluvium-related hair loss. If you are feeling a loss of control, hair brushing and scalp massage are two ways to regain some agency.

Tricovel can help, too. Both Tricovel tablets with Biogenina and Tricovel shampoo contribute to healthy hair growth and work best when used together. The combination of tablets, shampoo, and regular scalp massage can provide the nutrients and stimulation that your scalp needs to regrow a thick head of hair quickly. 

If you live in Canada, you can buy Tricovel online today. After only two months of regular use, you will notice increased hair growth that will continue into the future.