What is Fortifying Shampoo? A Hair Care Option For You

What is Fortifying Shampoo

“I’m so stressed that I’m ready to rip my hair out!”

You may have heard this from a frazzled co-worker, or you may have been the culprit yourself. Whatever the case, you don’t need to do the ripping to lose hair due to stress. For many individuals, hair loss results from a stressful or traumatic situation, and shedding hair wherever you go only adds to that existing stress. 

If you want to get ahead of hair loss, you will want to arm yourself and fortify! The solution may be a fortifying shampoo, such as Tricovel. But what is fortifying shampoo, and how can it help you grow a lush, more resilient head of hair? 

If you’re looking for hair care products that will help you come back from hair loss with the world’s loveliest locks, revitalizing shampoo from Tricovel is the answer. Keep reading to learn more about what a fortifying shampoo can do for you. 

Why Is My Hair Falling Out?

Stressful events come in all shapes and sizes, and sometimes our bodies aren’t prepared to compensate. Maybe you lost a job or a loved one had a baby or planned a major event such as a wedding. Yes, even happy events can stress out healthy bodies, and it often has a delayed effect. 

The name for this phenomenon is Telogen Effluvium. It often takes between three weeks and two months for your hair follicles to respond to the stressful event or scenario. Unfortunately, that means that once you notice hair loss, there is nowhere to go but forward.

Other factors that can lead to Telogen Effluvium hair loss include dietary issues, sun exposure, and change in season. All of these factors, including stress, can cause your hair follicles to become dormant. Dormant follicles shed hair before they become active again.

Hair loss becomes noticeable than a higher number of your hair follicles become dormant at once. The good news is that this shedding means that your follicles are ready to begin growing hair again. You probably will not lose all of your hair and will have a full head of hair again within a calendar year.

Whatever the cause, hair loss is evidence that your hair is fragile and could benefit from some fortification. Tricovel provides that extra support in the form of our Physiogenina Fortifying Revitalising Shampoo. Since you already wash your hair, hair care supplements from Tricovel are a way to build extra protection into your regular routines. 

What Is Fortifying Shampoo?

Fortifying shampoo, such as Physiogenina Fortifying Revitalising Shampoo, utilizes a formula intended to strengthen your hair. Its active ingredients encourage cell self-repair, which is key to scalp health. This contributes to the process of regrowing hair after hair loss due to Telogen Effluvium. 

One of the key ingredients in Tricovel fortifying shampoo is wheat protein. Not only will this support growth, but it can make a huge textural and aesthetic difference. Hair treated with wheat protein will be softer and shinier after continuous use. 

Likewise, Tricovel is a moisturizing shampoo. This is due to the inclusion of Panthenol and Betaine, which nourish your hair. They can provide extra protection that you might need if you’re brushing or blowdrying your hair during hair loss. 

In addition to adding moisture, our fortifying shampoo for hair loss cleanses and conditions hair. Conditioning is important because soft, well-conditioned hair limits friction between hair fibers. This means your hair will hold up better to washing. 

Our fortifying shampoo supports your hair through the use of our patented release technology. This means that each active ingredient will have the time it needs to act on your hair. This makes Tricovel fortifying shampoo an incredibly effective option for those going through or recovering from hair loss.  

Who Should Use Fortifying Shampoo?

Anyone can benefit from Tricovel fortifying shampoo, but it is most effective for those with fragile, brittle, or weak hair. Tricovel developed this product specifically with hair loss in mind.

It might be ideal for you if you have experienced hair loss due to the following:

  • Stress
  • A sudden change in your environment
  • Change of season
  • Sun exposure
  • Incorrect or unbalanced diet

Tricovel fortifying shampoo can counteract these issues and support repair and regrowth. It’s an excellent complement to Tricovel Tablets. Use both products together for maximum support. 

How Do You Use Fortifying Shampoo?

There are no special instructions for use! One of the benefits of Tricovel is that you can use it just like you use your current shampoo. Simply incorporate our shampoo into your regular shower routine to experience the benefits of the fortifying formula. 

In essence, you will wet your hair and apply the shampoo as normal, massaging it into the hair and scalp. You should leave it to sit for a few minutes so you can gain the maximum benefit from the patented release technology. After a few minutes, rinse thoroughly and completely.

You can use Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo with Physiogenina daily for maximum effect. There have been no side effects shown. You will begin to see the positive fortifying effects after continued regular use. 

Grow Back Better

Whether you’re losing hair due to stress or the sun, you deserve a head of hair that can stand up to anything. Tricovel Fortifying Shampoo with Physiogenina can make your hair stronger, so you won’t need to go through the stress of hair loss for a second time. 

So, what is fortifying shampoo? It is your key to a head of soft, shiny, beautiful hair, even after hair loss due to Telogen Effluvium. 

Your hair won’t simply grow back. It will grow back better. 

Are you ready to give this effective treatment a try? If you live in Canada, you can order Tricovel products online today. Don’t wait to start nourishing your hair in the way that it deserves!