How Your Thyroid Can Contribute to Rapid Hair Loss

Thyroid Can Contribute to Rapid Hair Loss

You may already know that nearly 60 million Americans suffer from thyroid disease. But did you know that the majority of these people are women?

One of the unfortunate side effects of thyroid issues is rapid hair loss. Even with the best tips for hair care and when using techniques for creating thicker hair, women may be frustrated.

When it comes to thyroid disease and their hair the issue goes much deeper. And with so many people suffering from rapid hair loss and thyroid disease the issue is worse than ever.

Up to 12% of people will develop thyroid issues. Many of those go undiagnosed.

Here’s how thyroid issues could contribute to your rapid hair loss.

Itchy Scalp and Thyroid

It could be that you have a dry and itchy scalp. You may even notice rapid hair loss.

Some people in this situation think first of treating dandruff. They invest in shampoos and treatments and still have the same symptoms.

As thyroid diseases often go untreated, this can contribute to some confusion. In reality, many people may be treating the wrong issue.

Not only is an itchy scalp a symptom of thyroid issues, it can also spell other troubles. That hair loss may be getting worse without proper attention.

Treating hair loss as well as the symptoms of the thyroid trouble is the only way to get relief. Treating thyroid issues with dandruff shampoo won’t work.

Hair Growth Depends on the Thyroid

Issues with thyroid are often associated with weight gain, mood swings, and low energy. But people don’t realize that a healthy thyroid is essential to proper hair growth.

Your hair goes through phases. It shifts between growth and resting.

And without the proper balance of hormones, the growth phases won’t respond correctly. This is awful for sufferers of thyroid disease.

It means slower hair growth and hair loss. Without the proper growth cycles, the hair will thin and grow inefficiently.

Rapid Hair Loss and Thyroid

The connection between hormone balance and hair goes deeper than hair growth. Just as with moods and energy, the thyroid regulates many of the natural cycles of the body.

These cycles include the growth, loss, and resting of healthy hair. Losing hair is part of the cycle of healthy hair growth.

Even people with healthy hair will find hair in their shower drain and tangled in their brush. Losing this hair is good for growth and for the look and sheen of your hair.

But when the thyroid is unhealthy the hair loss cycle spells disaster. The hair loss is unhealthy and rapid.

Added to the fact that the thyroid is prohibiting regrowth, and the problem is multiplied.

Many patients with thyroid issues have thinning hair from this rapid loss.

Thyroid and Hair Loss Video – Dr.Hagmeyer

Large Amounts of Loss

While hair loss is part of the natural cycle of growth, this is more pronounced in people with thyroid issues. What used to be the natural loss of hair in the drain can now be clumps.

The amounts of hair being lost may be dramatic in some cases. Unless something is done the hair gets thinner and thinner.

Heading off the symptoms of thyroid disease on the hair as soon as possible can help. The sooner patients take care of thyroid symptoms the better.

Changes in Hair Texture

Since addressing the thyroid’s impact on hair loss early is essential, it isn’t wise to wait for dramatic and rapid hair loss. As with every other aspect of thyroid disease, it is better to treat the symptoms as soon as possible.

Rather than wait for dramatic hair loss, there are other signals to watch for. You may find thinner and coarse hair.

In addition to the dry scalp, you may notice changes to the texture. In these cases, it is important to treat the issue right away.

Watch The Eyebrows

Even before there are traditional hair loss symptoms, patients may want to study their eyebrows. If you suspect thyroid disease, eyebrows often reveal the issue.

Thinning on the outer edge of the eyebrows is one of the ways patients and doctors can pinpoint thyroid as an issue.

In these cases, the hair on your scalp may follow with rapid loss soon after. This makes watching for early signs even more important.

As thyroid issues are not always tested for at the doctor, this might prompt a test. In either situation, it is important to begin treating the thinning hair and hair loss right away.

Trust Your Hairdresser

Hair is a central part of thyroid function. So much so that a physician isn’t always the first to help you recognize and address a thyroid problem.

Thyroid issues present in different ways to different people. And there are different types of thyroid issues that can affect wellness and hair growth.

But if you have a regular hairdresser you have the first line of defense. If they begin to notice rapid hair loss and thinning hair it may be time for a trip to the doctor.

Your doctor can help confirm the issue.

Treating Hair Loss

Once you understand the connection between hair loss and thyroid it can still be a struggle to know which way to turn. Many products promise a solution but not everyone delivers.

Unfortunately, dealing with a thyroid issue isn’t always a clear path. Not only are the symptoms subtle at times, they can be difficult to treat.

Some patients don’t respond to the typical hormone therapy. For individuals suffering from hair loss, this can be horrible news.

But there are products that can help.

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