The Best Way to Dry Your Hair and Keep It Healthy

The Best Way to Dry Your Hair

When stepping out of the shower, you have two choices when it comes to methods of drying your hair. Either you blowdry or you airdry.

It usually depends on how much time you have or whatever you think works best for your hair type. However, people make lots of mistakes when drying their hair and may even damage it without realizing it. 

So then, what is the best way to dry your hair? Below, you’ll find some great hair drying tips to follow that will also keep it healthy.

Hair Prep Before Drying

If you’re going to be using a blowdryer, then there are a few things you need to consider. For example, you don’t want to use your blowdryer if your hair is dripping wet, which is one common mistake people make.

If you apply the sudden heat of a blowdryer directly onto your soaked hair, it’ll most likely frizz up.

Instead, prep your hair by gently towel drying it — but don’t use just any towel. Bulky bath towels are most likely to cause your hair to shed or break due to the weight. Use a microfiber towel instead that will reduce tension as well as decrease friction and frizz. 

Also, if time allows, wait 15 minutes after towel drying it and before using the blowdryer. That way, your hair has time to dry naturally.

Apply Products to Protect Your Hair

It’s no secret that heat is very damaging to your hair. That’s why it’s important to apply heat-protectant products before using any heating tools to dry your hair.

You can either use special sprays, oils, or creams. Not only will these products protect your hair from heat damage but also reduce any frizz your blowdryer might cause. This is one of our most important tips for healthy hair.

Avoid the Highest Heat Setting 

Heating tools like flat irons and hairdryers come with different types of heat settings and temperatures.

You might think that setting it on the highest heat setting is safe and the quickest way to dry your hair. However, this will harm your hair and increase frizz. If you want your hair to remain healthy in the long run, stay away from the highest heat setting and use it on low or medium.

Don’t Brush While Your Hair Is Wet

Another common mistake people make before drying their hair is by brushing it out while it’s still soaking wet. By tugging on wet hair with a brush, chances are your hair will break and debilitate.

Instead of using a hairbrush, try using a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. It’s always best to hold out your hair and gently comb out the tips first before moving up towards the roots. The gentler you are, the less likely you’ll break your hair.

You don’t want to use any ordinary brush either. There are hairbrushes designed for different kinds of hair types. So be sure to purchase one that will suit your hair type and learn how to use it properly. 

Keep the Blowdryer at a Safe Distance

Another tip for healthy hair drying is not to hold your dryer too close to your scalp. Try to keep your hairdryer approximately six inches away from your head.

Also, it’s important that you move your hairdryer constantly. Avoid keeping it still while hovering over your head, as prolonged heat on a specific area can harm your hair while drying out your scalp.

Tips for Airdrying 

If you want to avoid using heat or just don’t have the time to use a hairdryer, then airdrying is the best alternative. Yet, if not done right, airdrying can also cause damage to your hair. 

Something you might be unaware of is that your hair swells when it’s wet. This means that the longer it takes to dry naturally, the longer it takes to swell. The longer it swells, the more pressure is added to the proteins in your hair, which can lead to hair breakage. 

Another natural instinct for most people when it comes to airdrying is to rub out your hair with a towel. However, the abrasion causes your hair to break and your ends to split. The best way to dry is by gently squeezing out the excess water using a microfiber towel or even a T-shirt. 

Also, you might be used to walking out of the house with damp hair. During the winter months, however, letting your hair dry out in the cold weather is incredibly harmful. It’ll make your hair susceptible to breakage, so make sure to dry it completely before you leave home. 

Dry Your Hair Completely 

Don’t use the blowdryer unless you know for sure that you’ll be able to dry your hair thoroughly. One way to tell if your hair still needs drying is if it has frizz or looks flat. This indicates that your hair still as moisture. 

Before drying, divide your hair into sections and try to blowdry, starting in the back and working your way to the front. This will help your hair be less exposed to the heat. It’ll also give you a much cleaner look when you’re done. 

The Best Way to Dry Your Hair: Now You Know

There isn’t a right or wrong answer as to what is the best way to dry your hair. As mentioned at the outset, it all depends on the type of hair you have, the time you have, and what works best for you.

Both airdrying and blowdrying are great methods, but only if done correctly. Now that you’re aware of how to dry your hair properly, you’ll be able to boost your hair health and prevent any further harm! 

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