The Best Hairstyles for Thinning Hair Women Are in Love With in 2020

Hairstyles for Thinning Hair Women

If you’re insecure due to thinning hair, you can boost confidence by getting a haircut that helps. There are certain hairstyles for thinning hair plus styling tips and tricks that can help you look your best.

Don’t let your thinning hair get you down. Instead, go for fabulous hairstyles that can help you look your best despite it.

Go Shorter

Some who experience hair thinning are nervous to cut their hair. You may be thinking, how can less hair make me look as if I have more? The truth is, cutting your hair helps to create more volume.

Longer hair weighs down your hair near the scalp. This causes your hair to lose volume at the roots.

Finer hair will typically look best when the length is no longer than hitting the collarbone. This allows you to lose any stringy look your strands may be having. Growing thin hair out any longer can create a transparent appearance, especially towards the ends of the hair.

To give the appearance of thicker hair, go with bobs, blunt, or pixie cuts. A blunt cut with microlayers is a great option for those who don’t want to go too short. This style creates a bold statement while also staying classic and elegant.

Pick styles thinning hair can work with for best results. You want to maintain as much bulk as possible, so a longer angle can help give the illusion of movement and layers without cutting down on bulk.

Avoid Bangs

When women experience thinning hair, they may think getting bangs will create the illusion of length up top. In reality, this is a style all women with thinning hair should avoid.

Thinning hair usually begins at the crown of the head. Because of this, getting bangs actually removes hair from where you may need it most.

If you want to create softness around the face, do it with strategic texturing. This can help to give the illusion of bangs without sacrificing fullness and volume.

Layer Strategically

Layers can go wrong very quickly for those with thinning hair. Make sure that you focus on texturing your hair rather than creating dramatic layers. Keeping layers near the crown will allow for some lift in this area.

To play it safe, ask your stylist to start with a simple styled cut. Then, add long layers where possible, creating textures for a fuller look. Texturizing the ends will help add some volume.

Darker Roots Create Denseness

Adding a darker color to the roots is a great way to give off the perception of thickness. By creating the illusion of depth, you can mask thinning hair at the roots.

With some hairstyles, dark roots can appear flat, as they do not reflect light. To test out if this style option would work for you, try using a colored dark shampoo, which will wash out in the shower. Dry shampoos also help create volume.

Playful Parts

How you style and part your hair can seriously affect how your thin your hair appears at the roots. Avoid sleek and smooth styling, such as center parts, as this will draw attention to thinning hair at the scalp. Instead, try a deep side part which can create volume around the face.

Increase volume with a deep side part by adding waves to create movement. Try doing this through the midshafts and roots with a wand or curling iron.

Best Blow-Drying Method

When styling your hair after a wash, blow drying is a great technique to focus on as it can help create volume. For best results, try using a flat wrapping technique. To do so, comb your hair over to one side, alternating between sides until dry.

This allows the hair at the crown to be blown forwards, towards your face for a fuller appearance. Make sure to let hair partially dry before styling to avoid excessive heat damage.

While blow-drying your hair in moderation is fine, avoid doing so every day. High levels of heat can strip the hair of moisture. Stripping the hair of its essential oils can restrict hair growth, which can worsen thinning hair.

Too much heat can also cause damage to hair cuticles, which can lead to breakage and an overall thinner appearance. Keep styling with products like flat irons, blow dryers, and curlers to a minimum to protect your hair.

Wash With the Right Products

Women with thinning hair should avoid using traditional hair products, especially those boasting words such as “moisturizing”. These products are not made for thinning hair and will weigh them down rather than volumize them.

Instead, use products that work to improve thinning hair, such as our fortifying shampoo. This product helps to repair hair fibers while giving them sheen and softness.

This shampoo has ingredients such as vitamin B-5 that will help nourish and hydrate the hair. This will help repair your hair from any styling stressors, such as blow-drying. Make sure your shampoo is not only working for your hair but helping to improve it.

Tips on Managing Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

As you can see, there are so many different hairstyles for thinning hair, as well as styling tips and tricks that can give your hair a fuller, more volumized appearance. Try out one of these hairstyle techniques today to find a solution that works for you.

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