Spotlight Review: “I Have My Self-Esteem Back”

Tricovel has improved their hair

We receive so many uplifting reviews and emails from customers about how Tricovel has improved their hair health and growth, we thought we’d share these stories by featuring them in a Spotlight Review series on our blog. We’re especially touched by the stories we hear from people telling us about how Tricovel has not only improved their hair, but their confidence and enthusiasm for life again as well. Here is one of those stories by a client named Beverly.

I have taken Tricovel for three weeks now. My hair looked and felt like it was getting thicker. I thought maybe it was just wishful thinking. I went to my hairdresser of 30 years for a trim on the weekend. She asked me what I was doing because she normally could see my scalp through my hair. I was so happy! I mean if there is anyone that knows my hair – she does. I received a bottle of the shampoo that I only use once a week. It is beautiful and makes my hair look wonderful. If your hair is thin like mine, don’t despair, Tricovel is the ticket! I can’t wait until I am finished the two month supply to see how much more it has improved! I have my self-esteem back! Customer service is second to none!

~ Beverly J. ( 03/02/16 )


Tricovel Spotlight Review
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