Spotlight Review: “New Hair is Darker and Denser…My Skin Has Been Amazing Too!”

New Hair is Darker and Denser

We truly enjoy hearing about the fantastic results our customers get from trying Tricovel, especially when the outcome surpasses their expectations with additional benefits to their physical complexion. Here’s a short excerpt from Caroline’s story who noticed dramatic differences in her hair’s texture, growth, as well as her skin after just four months of taking Tricovel.

I am at the end of my 4th month taking Tricovel once per day. I cannot believe the difference. I am growing new and thicker hair most noticeably on the top of my scalp and around my face where I had thinning, fine, short hairs that never seemed to grow. Now my bangs, which I’m always trying to grow, are thicker and long enough to tuck behind my ears.

I am not losing hair in the shower or while styling like I used to. I’m also not experiencing breakage from highlights/color treatments and heat styling! My hair is stronger, getting longer and thicker, and best of all – you can’t see through to my scalp anymore, and the new hair is not coming in grey, it’s darker and denser so I’m not having to color the roots as often! I am proof Tricovel works!

Also, like another reviewer mentions, my skin has been amazing too! In September, I bought the shampoo, I love it. It’s lovely and gentle and moisturizing…a great combo.

~ Caroline (10/29/15)