The Secret to Fuller Hair After 40: 9 Tips You’ll Want to Write Down

The Secret to Fuller Hair After 40

If you’re over 40, you may notice your hair doesn’t have the thickness and life that it once used to. And it’s not your imagination, either. As with all things in life, our hair changes with age.

The good news is, you can defy that flat hair no matter what your age and thickness level is! To put the volume back in your locks, let’s look at 9 secret tips to getting fuller hair after 40.

1. Go Upside Down

To get some serious volume, go against gravity and flip your head upside down when you blow-dry. It may look silly, but it actually makes the root of your hair stand straight up rather than fall flat against your head.

As you’re blow-drying, blow the hair in the opposite direction of how it will lay. Flipping your head upside makes these easier. It also helps you get to the nape of your neck.

Tousling your hair as it dries gives it an added boost. Plus, it separates the hair, making sure the blow-dryer hits each strand effectively.

2. Products Make a Difference

Using hair products might make you feel uneasy, simply because products tend to weigh hair down. But rest assured, using the right products will give you the voluminous hair of your dreams.

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It all starts with using a shampoo and conditioner that’s fortified to protect hair and give it thickness.

Then apply a volumizing spray or lightweight mousse on damp roots. This will give your hair the lift and hold it needs throughout the day.

Once your hair is dry, flip your head upside down again and spritz hairspray onto your roots. Wait 30 second before you stand upright to allow the hairspray to dry.

3. Change up Your Style

When it comes to hairstyles, take the weight off! Short to medium-length cuts make the hair look fuller and minimize thin strands.

Longer lengths can weigh thin hair down. Cutting it shorter will give the appearance of fuller hair. As a bonus, it’s easier to style!

It’s also a good idea to rethink your part. Parting hair down the middle tends to lay flat. A side part adds more lift at the roots without taking away from your style.

And if your part shows too much scalp, make it zigzag. This helps cover the scalp while also giving more volume.

4. Take Your Vitamins

Hair needs nutrients just as much as the rest of your body. To create healthier, fuller hair, be sure to take your vitamins.

Many people don’t eat the foods needed to give our bodies its daily source of nutrients. When there’s a deficiency, the hair will thin out.

To make up for an unbalanced diet, take a multi-vitamin along with a tablet containing hair nourishing ingredients. It will promote hair growth, reduce shedding, and give you fuller hair.

5. Fake It Until You Make It

When you don’t have naturally full hair, there are several ways of giving yourself the illusion of being born with it.

Root touch-up sprays can camouflage thin hair. It makes the scalp less visible while also giving the roots added thickness.

A similar product is hair fiber sprays. Not only does it give colour to create the illusion of full hair, but it also adds tiny fibers at the roots that instantly fill spots with thickness and texture.

For a more dramatic approach, consider getting extensions. Clip-in extensions are better to use than its more damaging counterpart. Just be sure to get ones that are light-weight and look like natural hair.

6. Get a Scalp Treatment

To get and keep fuller hair, you need to take care of the scalp. That’s because skin problems on the scalp can negatively affect hair growth.

Exfoliate your scalp and care for your hair with regular scalp treatments. Avoid overwashing your hair or use damaging chemicals. It’s also a good idea to limit the use of dry shampoo as the dust can clog follicles.

While you shampoo, give your scalp a good massage. This stimulates blood flow and energizes your hair follicles. It also helps cleanse your hair thoroughly of oils that can weigh your hair down.

7. Brush Daily

Sure you brush your hair every day, but do you do it thoughtfully, deliberately, and with the right tools?

Taking time to brush your hair regularly will add to its thickness. It helps distribute nourishing oils that protect it from damage while adding shine. It also helps remove dead hair and exfoliates your scalp at the same time.

Use a round ceramic brush or one with boar bristles. Don’t ever use a plastic brush, it will create static and end up damaging your hair.

8. Add Some Colour

When you want to create fuller-looking roots, opt for hair colour that’s a little darker at the crown. This creates natural, dense looking strands.

The lighter your hair colour, the more transparent it can look. So when you add colour that’s a shade or two darker at the crown, it becomes less transparent and thicker-looking.

Colouring hair can also make it look fuller in general. It expands the hair shaft which increases the overall level of volume and thickness.

9. Give Your Hair a Break

The use of products, heat styling, washing, and everyday wear and tear can take its toll on our hair. To keep it healthy, give it a vacation!

When you take a day off, give one to your hair as well. Keep the blow dryer and curling iron put away. And don’t load your hair up with products.

Giving your hair a break will cut down on the amount of breakage that leaves your hair looking lifeless. Having time to rest has the same rejuvenating effect on your hair as it does on you.

After 40 and Fabulous: Give Yourself Fuller Hair

Age doesn’t have to take your luscious locks away. With these tips, you can get back the fuller hair you want and deserve.

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