Tricovel® with Biogenina® decreases temporary loss of hair due to Telogen Effluvium a reversible hair loss condition associated with stress, change of weather season or unbalanced diets. Tricovel® tablets are ideal for women and men at any age.

Tricovel® triple action reduces hair shedding, promotes hair growth, and increases hair volume.


Tricovel® Tablets is ideal both for women and men of any age.


About The Product

Tricovel® in tablet form is a delayed release formulation - with Biogenina® that nourishes, protects and promotes the growth of healthier, stronger and shinier hair.

It reduces hair loss and stimulates new hair growth, while making existing hair thicker and stronger.

Tricovel® Tablets are suitable for women and men of any age.
Only 1 calorie per day. Gluten -free. Free from artificial colours.

Tricovel® Triple Action.


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Tricovel® with Biogenina® Triple Action:


1. Reduces Hair Loss

Biogenina® (registered patent) It brings nourishment and energy to hair bulb cells.

2. Increases Hair Growth

Tricovel® prolongs and increases the growth phase of the hair cycle. By increasing this phase, more hair grows and replaces hair that is naturally lost.

3. Increases Hair Shaft Diameter

Tricovel® increases hair strength which leads to fuller and stronger hair.

Delayed Release

Pharmaceutical Technology that allows the prolonged delivery of the ingredients. This provides all day long nourishment and protection with just 1 tablet.


Only one tablet a day for only 2 months.
One box: 30 Tablets - 1 month treatment.
Treatment can be repeated 2 to 3 times a year, or when needed.


Clinically Proven

PROVEN EFFICACY -Clinical trials confirm that Tricovel® tablet provides:


Decrease Of Hair
Loss After Washing

Wash Test Chart


Increase of Hair
Shaft Diameter

Wash Test Chart


Increase of hairs in
growth (anagen) phase

Wash Test Chart

*Results may vary from person to person

Download PDF: For Complete Study Results

**A clinical trial , double-blind, placebo-controlled, performed on 60 healthy and compliant subjects , with temporary and excessive hair loss.