Prevent Sun Damaged Hair: 6 Ways to Protect Your Hair This Summer

Protect Your Hair This Summer

The average cost of beauty maintenance could put you through Harvard. In fact, women spend about $313 every month on their appearance. That’s $225,360 over the course of a lifetime.

That expense includes how much you spend on your hair every month. If you have sun-damaged hair, you might have to spend even more to repair the damage. Instead, discover how to protect your hair with these six easy tips.

Learning how to avoid damaged hair can help you save money, time, and stress. You can put that money toward a beachside vacation instead!

Discover how to protect your hair at the beach this summer with these six easy tips today. 

1. Avoid Using Hot Tools

The human scalp has between 100,000 and 150,000 hair follicles. You regularly lose about 100 hairs every day. Using hot tools, however, could damage your hair and cause you to lose even more.

If you want to learn how to protect your hair this summer, consider the hot tools you’re using. Try to limit how often you use your:

  • Blow dryer
  • Straightener
  • Curler
  • Other hot appliances

Combining your hot tools with a dip in the pool could dry out your hair. It could lead to major breakage. You might notice an increase in split ends, too. 

Instead, learn how to dry your hair with smarter alternatives. Instead of using the drying heat of a blow dryer, try using a cotton towel. You can even use a t-shirt if you’re at the beach and don’t have a dry towel handy.

2. Shower Before Swimming

Your hair is a sponge. It’s bound to soak up chlorine or salty beach water every time you take a dip. Unfortunately, swimming in salt water or chlorine can dry out your hair.

You don’t want to leave your hair dehydrated and brittle. Instead, try showering beforehand. Showering before you get in the water can help you avoid sun-damaged hair.

Wetting your hair before you take a dip ensures your hair is full of moisture. It will have less space to absorb chlorine or salt as a result.

You can also apply a leave-in conditioner before you get into the water.

As you use these tips to protect your hair at the beach, prioritize moisture. Moisture will keep your locks luscious and healthy.

Make sure to take a shower immediately after getting out of the pool. Showering can prevent the buildup of salt or chemicals. Make sure to use a super-hydrating shampoo to rejuvenate your hair, too. 

Try to keep yourself hydrated inside and out. Keep a bottle of water handy. Drinking water will keep your scalp hydrated.

Your hair can grow stronger, leaving it less exposed to breakage. 

Using these tips can help you learn how to protect your hair during the summer months. You can keep your hair from drying out. You’ll avoid sun damage as a result.

3. Use a Spray and Mask

Wearing sunscreen is essential if you want to protect your skin from the sun’s harsh rays. If you want to avoid having sun-damaged hair, give your hair the same treatment. Consider using UV protection spray on your hair before heading outside.

UV protection spray will protect your hair from the sun’s harsh rays. It could even protect your hair against chlorine.

Think about how you treat your hair after a day in the sun, too.

While shopping for your UV protection spray, consider buying a hair mask or oil treatment as well. Hair masks and oil treatments are a great way to keep your hair hydrated. You can rehydrate after a dehydrating day in chlorine or saltwater.

These products can help by replenishing and soothing your damaged hair. They’re great for your scalp, too!

Consider trying jojoba oil or other great products. Remember, a little goes a long way. Make sure to avoid harsh chemicals that might do more harm than good.

Otherwise, consider finding supplements and products that can promote better hair growth.

4. Wear a Hat

You can also avoid damaged hair by wearing a hat each time you step outside. Find a wide brim hat that can protect your face and neck. You can do your skin and hair a favor at the same time.

Wearing a hat will keep your scalp away from the sun’s harsh UV rays.

If you plan on going swimming, consider wearing a swim cap, too. A swim cap can keep water from getting in contact with your hair. Avoid wearing it too long, though. 

5. Keep Your Hair Up

If you’re not a fan of hats, that’s okay. You can also learn how to protect your hair by throwing it up. Consider keeping your hair in a cute bun or up-do for the day.

Otherwise, keep a bottle of argan oil or conditioner handy. Add a little of either product to the ends of your hair.

Make sure to detangle your hair beforehand. Otherwise, combining tangled hair with salt water can make it more difficult to detangle after the fact. You could cause unintentional damage to your hair while trying to detangle it.

You can also keep your hair healthy and tangle-free by braiding it before you head outside. Make sure to braid your hair to avoid hair breakage. You’ll have an easier time combing it later.

6. Avoid Cuts

What are your plans for the summer? If you’re thinking of getting a cut, hit pause. Consider leaving your hair long this summer instead.

When your hair is longer and heavier during the hot summer months, it has an easier time dealing with humidity. Your hair will also have an easier time protecting itself from sun, chlorine, and salt.

Consider waiting until the end of summer to cut your hair. 

Shine On: 6 Tips for Preventing Sun-Damaged Hair This Summer

Don’t let sun-damaged hair ruin your summer vacation. Instead, use these six easy tips to avoid damaged hair. With these tips, you can protect your hair at the beach with ease!

Start improving your hair care routine before starting your vacation. We can help.

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