How to Dry Your Hair the Right Way: A Detailed Guide

Dry Your Hair the Right Way

Time to go through your morning routine! You take a shower, step out, brush your hair, throw it in the best updo you can muster, brush your teeth, get dressed, and speed out the door.

What (besides not eating breakfast) did you do wrong in this scenario? If your answer is brushing your hair after stepping out of the shower and putting it up, you would be correct. Brushing your hair while it’s wet can break the strands.

You’ve got to learn how to dry your hair the right way if you want it to stay healthy and full. Keep reading to learn more.

Stay Away from Towels to a Point

When you step out of the shower, one of the first things you’re going to do is grab a towel to soak up the water dripping from your hair. Towels aren’t the best way to dry hair, though.

The fibers are abrasive. Rubbing them against your hair will make the strands brittle and cause them to break. Instead of using a towel, pat your hair dry with a microfiber cloth or even an old t-shirt.

If you have long hair, it’s going to take more than patting it dry to stop the dripping. You’re free to wrap your hair up in a towel. There’s not enough pressure involved for the rough fibers to destroy your healthy hair.

Don’t Play Around with Your Hair

When you’re applying product to your hair, you probably use your fingers without a second thought. You should avoid doing this while your hair is still wet.

Threading the strands between your fingers or brushing your hair while it’s still wet will cause it to frizz up. Put a little bit of the product you’re using on a comb and gently run it through your hair.

Avoid Showering Before Bed if You Can Help it

If you get home from work at 10 PM, it’s understandable that you want to wash the work smell off of you. If you can help it though, wait until the morning to take a shower.

As you roll around in your sleep, your hair will get knotted up and be a pain to brush when you wake up. If you can’t help but take a shower before you lay down for the night, sleep with a shower cap on. Your hair still might tangle, but it’s less likely that it will happen.

Don’t Go Out in Freezing Temperatures

It’s a bad idea to take a shower and then go out in freezing temperatures while your hair is still trying to air-dry. Your hair will freeze and become more prone to breakage.

Make sure it dries all the way before you head out. If you have to be at work soon, use a blow-dryer instead of going with the air-dry tactic (even though air-drying is much better for your hair).

Comb Your Hair, Never Brush it

No matter if you’re air-drying your hair or blow drying it, never use a brush when it’s still wet. Brushing will stretch your strands out and cause them to split and break.

At the same time, if you don’t do something with your hair, it will tangle up. To this end, use a comb.

Use Heat Protectant

The reason why air-drying your hair is so much healthier for it than blow-drying it is the heat. Extreme temperatures can fry your hair faster than anything else.

That’s why heat protectant products were invented. They create a protective shield between your hair and the heat of the blow-dryer.

If you don’t have one of these products handy and your hair is thin, you can run moose through it as a fast substitute.

Invest in a Good Blow-Dryer

One of the worst things you can do for your locks is buying a cheap blow-dryer. They don’t have quite as many hair-saving settings as the more expensive models do.

If blow-drying is your main method of hair drying, invest in a powerful one. It will keep frizz away and leave shiny, silky smooth locks in its wake.

Hold the Blow Dryer Away from your Hair

If you don’t have a product that you can use to stop yourself from frying your hair, you’ll need to use technique instead. Hold the blow dryer 6inches or more away from your hair.

Don’t focus on one section for too long. The hairdryer should be moving the entire time during the process. This will cut back on the amount of harmful direct heat baring down on one area of your scalp.

You can also use a diffuser to distribute the amount of hot hair that comes out of the hairdryer.

Don’t Use the High Heat Setting

You don’t need a lot of heat to dry your hair. So, you shouldn’t have your hairdryer set on the highest heat setting available.

Doing so will suck all the moisture out of your hair, leaving it brittle and prone to breakage. Leave it on a low heat setting and dry your hair gradually over time.

If you’re not in a hurry, combine air-drying with blow-drying. Let your hair air-dry most of the way and then take a blow-dryer to it.

How to Dry Your Hair Without Frying it

You’ve got to learn how to dry your hair, or you’ll leave it vulnerable to breakage. Frying your hair each day will have consequences on down the line. Keep these tips in mind to keep your gorgeous locks on your head where it belongs.

If your hair has seen one too many blow-dries, we can help you. Try out our fortifying shampoo to strengthen your hair.