7 Hair Product Ingredients You Didn’t Know Were Bad for You

Bad Hair Product Ingredients

Your hair can be one of your best physical attributes. It is one of the first things people notice about you and leaves an impression on everyone you meet. That’s why it’s important to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Have you ever read the ingredients on your shampoo, conditioner and other hair products that you use? There are a lot of toxic ingredients that many manufacturers include in hair products that you should try to avoid. Even shampoos and products labeled as having “all natural ingredients” sometimes aren’t safe.
Below are some common chemicals found in hair products that can do more harm than good to your hair’s health. They’re often found in many hair products, with little information included about them, why is why it’s important to educate yourself about these ingredients before applying them to your skin and scalp.

1 – Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This is a surfactant that is found in many cleaning products and also doubles as an insecticide. It is found in hair products because it helps to strip hair of oils and dirt and leave it feeling clean, but it is a known cancer-causing ingredient. It can also cause liver damage, skin rashes and eye damage if used over time.

2 – Fragrances

Fragrances of any kind are not good for your hair. It clogs up your lymphatic system and induces serious organ system toxicity. Certain fragrances can also cause endocrine disruption.

3 – Cocamidopropyl Betaine

This is an agent used to create a foamy lather for your soaps and shampoos. It has been linked to skin and eye rashes and irritation as well as allergic contact dermatitis.

4 – Triclosan

Triclosan has a moderate hazard rating on it because it can build up in your fat cells and add toxins to your body. It can irritate your skin, eyes and lungs and cause toxicity in your organs.

5 – Quaternium-15

This chemical is a surfactant and preservative that is often found in hair products. It releases formaldehyde, which is extremely carcinogenic and not safe for use on your hair.

6 – Behentrimonium Chloride

This is a type of ammonium salt is used as a preservative and surfactant. It’s highly toxic and has been linked to eye and hair damage as well as inflammation.

7 – Retinyl Palmitate

This is a form of vitamin A but can accelerate the development of skin tumors and sores and causes organ toxicity.

Over time, these chemicals can lead to hair loss and hair damage if used repeatedly and frequently. We have lots of tips on how to naturally treat and improve your hair health without the use of harsh chemicals, check out one of our blogs here on DIY remedies for treating hair loss or foods you can incorporate into your daily diet to improve hair health.

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