Frequently Asked Questions

Tricovel® Tablets with Biogenina®

How does Tricovel® with Biogenina® work?

It acts from within to provide the appropriate nutrients to hair bulbs and to counteract free radical aggression which cause cells to age prematurely. Read more

Are there any side effects?

The study, which was carried out on healthy subjects, did not show any side effects due to taking the tested product

Who can use it?

Tricovel® tablet is ideal for adult women and men.

How do I use it?

Just take one tablet daily for 2 months. Tricovel® delayed release formulation allows the prolonged delivery of the ingredients. This provides all day long nourishment and protection. One box: 28 Tablets = 1 month treatment.

How long do I take for? Is this something I need to take forever?

Tricovel® is taken for 2 months. (Results can be seen at approximately 2- 3 months) Tricovel® has a delayed release effect, so it keeps working even after stopping. It is recommended to take Tricovel® for 2 months, 2 times per year, as hair loss/thinning hair tends to occur around the time of seasonal changes.

Where can I buy Tricovel® Tablets in Canada?

You can buy it online here.
You can purchase it now in one of these Canadian retailers.

How is this different from other products?

Tricovel® was developed by an Anti-Hair Loss research department at Giuliani Pharmaceutical (Milan, Italy).  It has been available in several global markets and continues to be #1 selling hair treatment in Italy and other markets.   Tricovel® is the only product which contains a unique active ingredient, called Biogenina®.   Biogenina® acts on the hair bulb, at specific receptors, which stimulate the dermal papilla (where the hair originates), leading to the Triple Action mechanism:  

1. Increasing the growth of hair by *20.2%
2. Reduction of hair loss  *75.7%
3. Increase of hair strength *57.8%

Biogenina® has been clinically proven to show increased affects of hair growth and reduction of hair loss.  

Tricovel® is taken once per day (1 tablet) and results are typically seen in 2 months.  (Other products are 2 tablets per day and results are not seen for 3-6 months)

*Results may vary from person to person

Tricovel® Fortifying Shampoo

How does Tricovel® Shampoo work?

Tricovel® Physiogenina Fortifying Shampoo formula is enriched with specific ingredients that act on the hair fiber:

The wheat protein has a repairing effect on it, and, at the same time, gives shine and softness to hair.

A combination of Panthenol and Betaine nourishes and moisturizes hair, protecting it from external stress (hairdryer and brush).

Tricovel® Physiogenina Fortifying Shampoo acts on the hair thanks to a release technology that enhances the effectiveness of active ingredients, prolonging their action.

Tricovel® Physiogenina Fortifying Shampoo formula also includes a delicate cleansing system of the latest generation, to remove impurities while respecting the hydrolipidic balance of hair and scalp. The presence of special conditioners reduces the friction between the fibers, reducing risk of hair weakening and breaking during washing.

Should I use the shampoo alone or with tablets?

Tricovel® shampoo should always be used with Tricovel® Tablets for optimal efficacy.

Tricovel® shampoo helps support the action of Tablets by nurturing hair.

Are there any side effects?

The tests that have been carried out have not shown any side effects due to taking the tested product.

Who can use it?

Tricovel® Shampoo is ideal for women or men with dry brittle hair, in combination with Tricovel® Tablets.

When to use?

In case of weak, fragile and brittle hair, therefore with a tendency to fall out, due to factors such as stress, season changes, incorrect diet and sun exposure. Tricovel® Fortifying Shampoo with Physiogenina is suitable for daily use.

How to use?

Apply the product to wet hair, massage gently, leave to work for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

The fortifying shampoo is ideal to complement Tricovel® Tablets.

Where can I buy Tricovel® Shampoo in Canada?

You can buy it online here.
Tricovel® is also available over the counter at various pharmacies in Canada.