Frequently Asked Questions

When is Tricovel® Tablet with Biogenina® Useful?2023-05-23T09:05:14-04:00

Whenever hair is dull, thin, weak or brittle since these problems often precede hair shedding due to Telogen Effluvium.

Are There Any Side Effects?2023-05-23T09:28:40-04:00

The study, which was carried out on healthy subjects, did not show any side effects due to taking the tested product.
Some people experience heartburn. This is usually managed by taking the tablets with food.

Who Can Use Tricovel®?2023-05-23T09:16:48-04:00

Tricovel® tablets are ideal for both adult women and men of any age. Ask your doctor before using this product if you are pregnant or while breastfeeding.

How Should Tricovel® Tablets with Biogenina® be Taken?2023-05-23T09:18:43-04:00

Only one tablet a day, preferably with breakfast. Treatment is recommended for at least 2 months, to be repeated, if needed, two or three times a year.

How Long Do I Take Tricovel® For? Is This Something I Need To Take Forever?2023-05-23T09:24:12-04:00

Tricovel® tablet is taken for 2 months (results can be seen at approximately 2- 3 months). Tricovel® tablet has a delayed release effect, so it keeps working even after stopping. It is recommended to take Tricovel® tablet for 2 months, 2 times per year, as hair loss/thinning hair tends to occur around the time of seasonal changes.

Where Can I Buy Tricovel® Tablets In Canada?2023-06-05T15:23:33-04:00

Ask your local pharmacist for Tricovel® tablets.

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