The Right Hairstyles: Hair Decisions to Avoid if You Want to Look Younger

As we age, the products we use and clothes we wear change. But if you’re still doing your hair the same way you’ve been styling it for years, maybe it’s time to update your hairdo.

If you’re looking for the right hairstyles to help you appear younger, we have your comprehensive guide on how to find the right hairstyle for you!

The Right Hairstyles to Make You Look Younger

A lot of women think that you have to go shorter to look younger, worried that their longer hair is making them look older, but that’s not always the case. Depending on a few factors we will go over later, you do have options. 

A Cut With Layers

A well-defined cut with lots of layers is playful and covers thinning hair. You’ll want to ask for a layered cut with chunkier layers and angled cuts. The layers work to lighten up the face while adding depth to thinner hair.

Make sure to avoid layers that are too short around the face and sides or too long in the back if you want to avoid appearing dated. Once your layers are in place, combine with a thickening product and use a curling iron or curlers to show them off!

Lose Extra Length

While there is a right way to do long hair, it can be problematic for women as we age. The issue is that hair becomes more brittle as we age, losing shine and appearing dull and heavy instead of shiny and cascading. If your hair is on the thinner side, a long style will accentuate the lack of hair.

Instead, chop off that extra weight and try a choppy, textured cut. You’ll save time on styling and immediately look ten years younger.

Frame Your Face

However, if you want to try to keep longer hair that’s slightly thin, cut soft layers in around your face. It will add depth while lightening up the area around your face.

If your hair is thicker, start layers at your cheekbones and let them descend from there. If your hair is on the thinner side, start layers no higher than your chin for maximum effect. This cut works best if your longest layers are no longer than just past your shoulders.

Embrace Curls

If you have a head of natural curls, rejoice – the hard work is done for you. Curls generally continue to look good at any age, as long as they’re properly cared for.

Choose a haircut that creates a soft circle around your face, and avoid those that cause the dreaded bell shape. Pair with a moisturizing product to keep curls soft and shiny.

Bob or Lob

The shoulder-length bob and its cousin, the slightly longer lob, are your friends as you age. They’ll take weight and years off a weighed down style.

Both are perfect with layers, either chunky or textured, and a deep side part. These styles work well with almost any face shape. When done right, they can either thin out thick hair or add depth and volume to thinning hair.

Texture is Your Friend

It’s not all about the cut – the texture of older hair makes a difference. As we age, locks get drier and more brittle, holding less shine. Whether your hairstyle is long or short, making sure you have products that add moisture back into older hair is key.

Choose products specially formulated for thinning and older hair. Find a fortifying shampoo that will be gentle and pair with a moisturizing conditioner. Use styling products that utilize oil-based ingredients.

Go Bold

If you’re ready to really embrace a new cut, consider going bold and short. Pixie cuts with lots of texture can take decades off a face. Asymmetrical cuts, where one side is slightly longer than the other, frame a face and add an edgy appeal.

If you’re looking for a cut that screams fun, you can’t go wrong with a super short cut. An added bonus – you’ll spend less time in front of a mirror styling your hair in the morning!

Add Waves

If you’ve chosen to leave your hair long and add layers, finish the style off with waves. Younger women use larger, more formed curl-style waves in their hair, but older women benefit from a more relaxed, subtle wave.

A large barrel curling iron can help you get the perfect soft waves to frame your face and lighten up a long cut.

Hair Choices That Will Make You Look Older

While there is no one size fits all cut for older women, a few choices will add years instead of subtracting them.

  • Leaving hair one length, with no layers
  • Bangs cut straight across the face
  • Going too long between cuts, leaving wispy split ends
  • Not using products that add moisture and shine

The Right Hairstyle for You

Part of choosing the right hairstyle to help you appear younger depends on your individual circumstances. Your face shape, hair thickness, and body type should all be taken into consideration.

Face Shape

Round faces tend to benefit from shorter cuts and layers, especially around the face. Thinner faces can handle longer length.

Hair Thickness

If you have thinning hair, choose a cut that adds depth through layers and texture. Shorter styles from lobs to pixies take the dead weight off of hair and add life back into thinning hair.

Body Type

If you have a heavier bottom shape, choose a cut that balances out your lower half – something that adds roundness to your top half.

Choosing the Right Hair Style to Help You Look Younger

The right hairstyles can completely transform, subtracting years and adding depth to a lifeless hairdo. 

But if your hair is thinning, you’ll want to be sure to pair your new hairstyle with products that can help combat hair loss. Contact Tricovel today to learn how you can combat thinning hair!

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