How Often Should You Shampoo and Condition Your Hair? Top 5 Tips

The back of the shampoo and conditioner bottles say lather, rinse, and repeat. But how often should you shampoo and condition your hair?

Keeping your hair and scalp clean and healthy helps you feel and look your best. So make time to learn exactly what your shampoo and conditioner regimen should be.

Below are 5 tips to use when deciding when to use shampoo and conditioner.

1. Consider What Type of Hair You Have

You may be surprised to learn that the type of hair you have should influence your hair washing behavior.

Long hair, short hair, greasy hair, curly hair – everyone has a unique hair profile. But keeping it clean and looking good are priorities for everyone. Here is a quick review of each hair type and how that affects the shampoo and conditioning cycles.

Fine Hair

If you have flat, thin hair, experts recommend washing your hair every other day. Even though this hair type is prone to grease, try to avoid overwashing.

Tight Curls

If you have tight, coiled curls, wash your hair with just conditioner once or twice a week. Then, every other week, use shampoo too.

This system will allow you to remove any build-up of grease while keeping the shape of your curls.

Thick Hair

Thick hair is great for hiding oil and it only needs to be washed one to two times a week. This schedule still applies whether you have long or short thick hair.

Loose Curls

For loose curls or wavy hair, wash every two days. You can keep hair looking clean without losing any volume.

For longer, curly hair you may feel it’s necessary to wash more often. Shorter hair is generally healthier and looks that way between washes.

Damaged Hair

If your hair is damaged from constantly changing the color and style, you should try to wash every two days. You may also want to invest in shampoo or conditioner that is meant to replenish and moisturize damaged hair. 

2. Adjust Based on Your Lifestyle

Now that you have a guideline on when to shampoo and condition your hair, you can make a few adjustments based on your lifestyle.

If you hit the gym hard every day, your hairline and hair are going to sweaty. This is also true if you live or work in a place with a lot of dirt, dust, or pollution. This may require more frequent washing to keep it clean and smelling fresh.

The same policy applies if you frequently use a lot of product in your hair. Rinsing the product may not be enough to get rid of it, so consider washing more frequently.

If you typically wear your hair up, you can sometimes get away with more days in between washes too.

3. Don’t Forget the Wonders of Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is perfect to use in between your washing days. It shouldn’t be used as a replacement for washing, but instead as a supplement.

If you are worried about greasy or oily-looking hair, dry shampoo can save the day. You can use it for two or three days in place of washing if it’s a relatively lightweight variety. Eventually, you will have to rinse out the remnants of the dry shampoo.

You can prolong the use of dry shampoo over traditional washing by using it sparingly. Apply just a little at a time for best results.

When shopping for a dry shampoo find something that won’t stand out against your hair color. If you have dark hair some dry shampoos can appear chalky in your hair. Apply to the scalp area and don’t spray it too close to your head so that it’s well dispersed. 

4. What You Use and How You Use It Matters

Not all shampoo and conditioner brands are created equal. Some products will dry out already dry hair or allow the oil to build up.

When you’re shopping for shampoo and conditioner, check the ingredients. Products with sulphates are harsh on your hair and scalp. Manufactures use the chemical to produce the soapy, bubbly experience of lathering your head, but they aren’t necessary.

You should also look for products with a low pH level. Lower pH shampoo and conditioner will allow your hair to keep its moisture even if you are washing more frequently. 

Picking the right shampoo and conditioner can help you maintain your washing schedule and extend the amount of time between washes.

Here’s another thing you probably didn’t know: the temperature of the water affects how often you need to wash your hair.

Experts recommend washing your hair with room temperature water. Hot water can take away oils that strengthen your hair. After washing, you should rinse with cold water.

Using these tips will allow you to stay on your washing schedule and avoid washing your hair every day.

5. Keep Hair Healthy in Every Way

Keeping your hair and scalp healthy comes down to more than just how often you wash your hair. Dry scalp, hair thinning, and hair loss can happen. But there are products out there to help.

Dandruff shampoo can be found at most pharmacies, grocery, and health stores. You can also ask your doctor for a recommendation.

There are also products like specialized shampoo that can help strengthen your hair and reduce thinning and hair loss.

Final Answer – How Often Should You Shampoo and Condition Your Hair

Ever find yourself asking — how often should you shampoo and condition your hair? After reading this article, now you know!

The truth is that your washing schedule should depend on the type of hair you have. Small adjustments can be made due to lifestyle and environment.

Remember that you can use a dry shampoo between washes if you are worried about the appearance of oil.

If you have concerns about hair thinning or loss, look into treatment sooner rather than later – and contact us with any questions.

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