Are You Feeding Your Hair A Healthy Diet? 5 Foods You Should Be Eating

Are you going through a tough time and you’re feeling the physical tolls on your body? Is your once full-bodied hair thinning and falling out?

Seeing your hair fall out can cause more anxiety for you, which leads to a never ending loop. Along with specially formulated tablets, you should also change up your diet. Here are 5 healthy foods you should be feeding your hair to prevent thinning hair.

Feeding Your Hair: Fight Hair Loss

You’ve already got enough on your plate; you shouldn’t have to worry about your hair thinning out too. Here are some foods that promote hair growth plus improve your mental health too. Not only will you look better, but you’ll feel better too.

1. Eggs and Avocados

If you’ve taken a look at the hair growth supplement market, you’ll see a lot of them contain biotin. Biotin is a type of B vitamin that not only strengthens your nails but also grows more hair.

It’s typical of women to have vitamin deficiencies. When they’re lacking in biotin, hair can fall out, especially when coupled with injury or a traumatic event. Not to mention, your nails can chip and peel more easily as well.

By eating more eggs and avocados, you can raise your biotin levels and ensure your hair stays healthy and full. Now you have a good excuse to have avocado toast, topped with some egg.

2. Chicken

Chicken is one of the best meats to eat, regardless of the status of your hair. Most of its meat is lean, which can be good for weight loss. It also has plenty of protein, which keeps your muscles strong.

Protein plays another role in your body: keeping your hair full. You may not usually notice it, but we lose hair on a daily basis. Our body just keeps up with the production so you don’t have a net loss and your hair looks the same every day.

But if you don’t eat enough protein, your hair production falls off. By bumping up your protein intake, you’ll boost the rate of hair production and replenish your hair better.

3. Sunflower Seeds

If you find yourself snacking a lot, add sunflower seeds to the mix. These little seeds are packed with vitamins, such as magnesium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, protein, and protein.

You can also find a good quantity of vitamin B5 in sunflower seeds. This vitamin is also known as pantothenic acid and is a key player in helping blood flow to your head. It’s one of the most important components in generating blood cells regularly.

By adding sunflower seeds to your diet, you can promote hair growth since your head will have better blood flow that stimulates your hair follicles.

4. Spinach

Spinach isn’t just a muscle grower for Popeye the Sailor. This vegetable is also good for women who have hair loss.

As we’ve said, many women have vitamin deficiencies, especially in iron. Iron deficiency anemia can afflict those who are having their periods. While symptoms usually involve fatigue and paleness, it can also cause your hair to thin out.

Spinach is a food that’s rich in iron, which can help to replenish your deficiency. Not only does spinach have iron, but it also has sebum, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and omega-3 acids. All of the above contribute to a healthier body, which means healthier hair as a result.

Other leafy greens are good for strengthening your follicles, so you’re not limited to only spinach.

5. Lentils

If you’re trying to lose weight, you can kill two birds with one stone by eating more lentils. This legume is a great source of fiber, which can make your meals more filling for fewer calories.

Lentils are also packed full of biotin, zinc, protein, iron, and folic acid. All of these components not only promote better blood flow to your scalp, but also stimulate your hair follicles.

When you start eating more lentils, you’ll feel more energetic and confident about yourself with the regrowth of your thinning hair.

Foods to Avoid

Just as some foods promote hair growth, some can cause you to lose hair. Here are some key foods to avoid eating if your hair is already thinning and you want to prevent further hair loss.

1. Fish

This is ok to eat in moderation, but if fish is a regular food you eat, you might want to think about either reducing or eliminating it from your diet.

Some fish have mercury in them, which transfers over to your body when you eat it. With enough buildup, you can experience hair loss. Try to keep your intake of fish to a maximum of three times a week. If you have to eat fish more often, then try to select ones that have lower amounts of mercury.

2. Bread and Pasta

Eating can be comforting when you’re going through hard times; carbs can be particularly attractive.

But if you eat too much bread and pasta, it causes your levels of dihydro testosterone (DHT) and other and rogens to increase. When this happens, it makes your hair follicles shrink, causing your hair to fall out.

3. Sugar

Found in drinks, desserts, and even some meals, sugar’s another one of those comfort foods that’s hard to stay away from. Like with bread and pasta, sugar can cause an inflammatory response in your hair follicles. So if you eat too much sugar, it can cause hair thinning too.

Keep Your Hair from Thinning

Feeding your hair the right diet is vital for keeping it healthy and strong. By adding those 5 foods and avoid those 3 foods we’ve listed, you should be able to fend off hair loss. 

But eating healthy is just one part of the equation. To keep hair loss at bay, consider taking additional supplements.

Want to fight hair loss with other products, such as tablets and fortifying shampoos? Then check out our products.

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