Hair Care Tips


Cleaning and Shampooing

Cleaning and ShampooingIt is wrong to believe that daily shampooing causes an increase in hair loss. It is just the opposite. How often you wash your hair is a personal choice, depending on the environment you live and work in, air pollution and particular conditions of the scalp (dandruff, excessive perspiration, etc.)

You should select a delicate detergent (shampoo) with a slightly acid PH, between 4 and 6, not too aggressive.

Drying Hair

Drying HairgAvoid holding blow dryers very near the scalp or holding your hair in the jet of very hot air, since heating can damage hair structure and make it fragile. For a better treatment, the hair may be dabbed with a towel and then left to dry in the air.

In the case of cold weather or if you do not have enough time to allow your hair to dry naturally, use a hand-held blow dryer, but at a mild temperature.

Long or Short?

Long or Short?It is a common belief with no scientific value that if you have your hair cut, you make it stronger and more resistant to loss. This is an optical illusion, short hair is less visible when it falls.

Do not forget that cutting hair has no effect on subcutaneous areas where hair generation and growth process occurs. However, it is true that keeping hair shorter can facilitate scalp cure and cleaning.

Hair Cosmetics

Hair CosmeticsConditioners, lotions, oils, gels and sprays can be used without any worries; quality products do not damage your hair or scalp. Sprays may be used cautiously, as they are difficult to be removed by shampooing. Conditioners, lotions and oils are useful to keep the hair stem in good conditions, especially if your hair is dry or stressed by dryers heat, weather conditions, or hair colouring.


DietThere is a sure connection between diet and hair health, because hair is composed of protein for 65-95%, while the rest of it is made up of water, lipids, pigments and minerals. Therefore it is important to supply the nourishment necessary to its formation by a balanced intake of proper nutrients and micronutrients. Diet must be well-rounded with a quantity of calories suitable for your physical and mental activity.