7 Hair Care Routines You Need to Adopt Immediately

7 Hair Care Routines

Thinning hair is something many face at some point in their lives. With smart hair care routines, you can preserve, protect, and improve your hair.

Healthy hair begins on the inside and is then maintained on the outside. There are many effective steps you can take to address thinning and look your best.

Thinning hair isn’t just a male problem. In America, 40% of hair loss sufferers are women.

Are you ready to stop watching your hair go down the drain?

Here are 7 essential hair care routines for fuller, healthier locks.

Let’s get started!

1. Keep Your Nutrition On Point

You may not have considered nutrition when trying to find solutions for your thinning hair. However, it is extremely important.

Eating nutritious, whole foods gives your body quality building blocks, resulting in thicker hair.

Certain foods are more helpful for thinning hair than others.


High-protein foods ensure that your body has enough amino acids to rebuild and repair itself. Hair is made of a body-manufactured protein called keratin. You must eat enough protein for sufficient keratin production.

Consider fish and eggs for a protein boost. If you want vegetarian options, opt for beans, quinoa, and lentils.

Vitamin C

Your body uses Vitamin C for many things, including protein synthesis. Make sure you’re getting enough Vitamin C for protein production.

Foods that are high in Vitamin C include citrus fruits, strawberries, broccoli, kale, bell peppers, and kiwis.


Iron deficiency is a major cause of hair loss. Women are especially susceptible to iron deficiency because of their monthly cycles.

Be sure to eat foods that are high in iron. While clams, oysters, and spinach are high in iron, beans are another great option.

Just one cup of white beans contains the full, recommended daily amount of iron for women 50 and over. This same amount is half of the recommended daily amount for women under 50.


Zinc is a superfood when it comes to halting hair loss.

2. Supplement for Optimal Hair Growth

While eating the right foods is essential to encouraging hair growth and strength, an incredible supplement can make a huge difference.

Hair care routines should include a high-quality supplement for maximum growth.

Tricovel(R) tablets are a delayed-release supplement that contains the active ingredient Biogenina(R).

What is Biogenina(R)?

Biogenina(R) contains biotin, calcium pantothenate, and spermidine. It nourishes the hair bulb cells and prolongs the growth phase of the hair cycle.

It also increases hair shaft diameter, allowing hair to grow thicker and stronger.

Tricovel(R) only needs to be taken for two months. The treatment can be repeated 2-3 times a year or whenever needed.

High-zinc foods include oysters, fortified cereals, sunflower seeds, spinach, mushrooms, and cashews.

3. Balance Your Washing Routine

Knowing your hair type is important. Hair care routines must be tailored to each person’s unique hair and scalp needs.

Oily Hair

People with oily hair should wash daily to prevent oily build-up. This build-up causes follicles to become clogged with sebum and hair growth is inhibited.

When follicles are blocked, inflammation and infection can result. These cause hair loss, also.

Dry Hair

For those with naturally dry hair, washing too often dries the hair shaft excessively. Dry hair is prone to breakage due to a lack of strength and moisture.

People with dry hair should wait to wash their hair until it has an oily appearance. They should also use a moisturizing conditioner so that hair remains supple. Brittle hair is prone to hair fall, so conditioner is essential.

4. Add Fortifying Shampoos to Your Hair Care Routines

A fortifying shampoo is a must-have for thinning hair. Fortifying shampoos strengthen and repair hair fibers, in addition to nourishing and cleansing the scalp.

Tricovel(R) Fortifying Shampoo with Biogenina(R) hydrates and nourishes the hair from scalp to tip. Wheat proteins and pro-vitamin B5 leave hair soft, shiny, and protected against styling damage.

Triactive3 Technology

Triactive3 micellar technology adheres to the scalp and hair shaft. Because this technology resists rinsing, it allows for the gradual release of Biogenina(R), the active ingredient in Tricovel(R) Fortifying Shampoo.

Tricovel(R) Fortifying Shampoo can be used when your hair appears thin and unhealthy. It is gentle enough for everyday use.

5. Apply a Quality Topical Treatment

Direct application of treatments to the scalp deliver powerful ingredients where they are needed most.

Tricovel(R) vials also use Triactive3 Technology so the treatment stays put even after you wash your hair.

This treatment penetrates quickly, delivering a triple-concentrated formula that lasts for three days. It activates receptors in the follicle and stimulates hair growth.

6. Destress Daily

Stress is a major contributor to hair loss. Extended periods of stress lead to overactive cortisol production, which in time causes adrenal fatigue.

Adrenal fatigue leads to a drop in many important hormones, including those that are necessary for healthy hair growth.

Stress is worsened by illness and a poor diet, often causing temporary hair loss, also called telogen effluvium.

Reducing Stress

Take steps to reduce daily stress. Lifestyle change is key.

Make physical activity part of your daily routine. Exercise balances the body and the mind.

Sleep is also restorative and balancing. Sleep should be a priority. Meditation and yoga are also proven stress reducers.

7. Style Carefully to Avoid Further Damage

The tools you use to style your hair can take a toll on hair, causing breakage and excessive hair fall. Hair care routines involving heat tools require special attention and prevention measures.

Limit your use of heat styling tools. These include:

  • Blow dryers
  • Curling irons and wands
  • Flatirons
  • Waving irons

Heat styling dehydrates hair. Moisture is extremely important in maintaining suppleness and flexibility.

Avoid blow drying whenever possible. Gently dry excess water from your hair with a towel and allow it to air dry.

Heat Styling

If you must use heat styling tools, such as curling and flat irons, in your hair care routines, use the lowest possible heat setting. Heat protection treatments are helpful as well. These work by sealing in moisture as you style, reducing the drying effect of the tools.

Use the Right Brush

Another tool many find useful is a special “wet brush.” These have thin, flexible bristles with soft tips. These special bristles and soft tips easily detangle hair, preventing hair loss and scalp sensitivity.

Helping Your Hair Look its Best

If you are concerned about thinning hair, you’ve come to the right place.

Tricovel(R) offers a full line of products formulated specifically for thinning hair. These treatments are clinically proven to support and encourage the growth of healthy hair.

Contact us for more information and visit our website to learn about this incredible breakthrough in hair care.