7 Essential Hair Care Tips to Keep Hair Strong

7 Essential Hair Care Tips

Hair loss is a normal thing for any human being. Most people lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day.

For whatever reason, society has built a culture where hair loss is expected and even normal for a man to have. This creates a stressful psychological situation when a woman starts losing her hair.

In a society where people turn a blind eye to the weaknesses and shortcomings of men, women deserve a break.

Studies show that people who experience hair loss can suffer from self esteem issues that impact their social life and overall feelings of attractiveness.

But there is good news, there are incredible hair care products on the market that can help you strengthen the hair you have and nurture new hair growth.

Here are 7 essential tips to keeping your hair as strong as can be:

1. Hold Off On The Heat

Heat from blow-dryers, curling irons, and flat irons can cause hair that is already struggling to break. When you get out of the shower and directly begin to blow dry your hair, the blow-dryer heats the water remaining under the cuticle and makes it expand inside the hair.

This creates blisters inside the fibers of your hair that will eventually weaken the hair and hair follicle! It’ll also cause a lot of frizz. Consider pulling out of the battle against your natural texture. Eliminate the use of heat tools if you are worried about hair loss.

Nurse your strands back to health with fantastic hair care products like oils and serums.

2. Slick It For Optimal Hair Care

Use hair oils that can keep your hair moist  and replenish dry follicles. Find the right hair oil that is perfect for your degree of dryness. Choose an oil based on your needs, as some can be very heavy on certain types of hair.

As a beautiful and unique woman, your hair should shine just as much you do. Hair oils will give your strands a new luster while they nourish the dry stands and repair them. When it comes to hair care, oils can revitalize your scalp and make it a new bed for fresh growth.

3. Wash Wisely

Some people believe washing your hair on a daily basis creates a healthy head of hair. However, this isn’t necessarily correct. If you overwash your hair you’ll consistently remove the natural oils that your hair produces. You need these oils to give your hair protection and strength.

If your hair is often wet from washing it on a daily basis, the shafts will swell and become more elastic and can be easier to break. If you exercise a lot, play sports or work in a field where your hair feels dirty, consider a dry shampoo and use products that can keep your hair moisturized during cleanings.

However, there are some things that do need to be washed out of your hair quickly.

4. Wash That Gel Right Out Of Your Hair

Hair gel can be a fantastic aid when you’re styling your hair for your day at work or a night out. Gel can help hold whatever look you’re vying for. Gels do have a hair care downside though: the chemicals found in most hair gels that actually attack and weaken your scalp.

The chemicals in hair gels can suck the nutrients out of your strands and dry them out, causing them to break. The chemicals can also dry your follicles out. If you need to apply gel to your hair, make sure and remove it within 8 hours of applying it.

Using the Cinderella at midnight effect can actually save your hair roots from the ill effects the gel can create from keeping it in for too long. Get your glass shoe after a fabulous night and run for the shower and practice some hair care.

5. Listen, You Must Condition

Shampoo can clean our hair, keep it free from dandruff and give our hair a revamp. A good conditioner, however, should always follow a shampoo wash. Hair care conditioners will moisturize your hair and eliminate the dryness that shampoo washing can cause.

Conditioners come with various promises, vitamins, and benefits. They differ in weight and shine options, so choose the one that will best fit your hair.

6. If You’ve Got Dandruff

Dandruff is a major tell-tale sign that you may have weak hair. To get rid of it, consider mixing some lime juice with your hair oil and massage your scalp for 15 minutes.

Leave this hair care concoction in your hair for a few hours and then wash your hair. The result should be a dandruff-free head of hair! Though the method may seem a little unconventional, give it a try and you just might be surprised.

Many people think that you should wash your hair less when you spot flakes or dandruff, but this isn’t the case. You should wash your hair regularly, as the chances are high that you are having an overproduction of oil occurring on your head.

Use shampoos with ingredients like salicylic acid to exfoliate, and selenium sulfide or zinc to decrease inflammation and optimize your hair care regimen.

7. Chemical Warfare

In a world full of chemical warfare threats, us ladies have our own chemical battle going on in our strands when we color our hair. Many of us use artificial colors to get our desired look, but these colors have chemical agents that can weaken and severely damage the hair.

Consider natural color products like henna which will give you the same color you want, but also will help cleanse your scalp and allow your follicles to breathe. Natural color products may be a little more expensive but will save your hair in the long run.

Women for the Win

Women deserve to have the luscious locks they desire as they go about changing this world from what it once was. Feeling confident and pleased with the way you look can largely coincide with how you feel about your hair that day.

If you’re feeling that your hair may be falling out at an alarming rate, or you just want to strengthen your hair, contact us for more tips and advice.