13 Hair Habits You Need to Adopt for Healthier Hair

Hair Habits You Need to Adopt

We all want beautiful, full, shiny hair. Whatever style you choose, from chic bobs to long locks, or bouncy curls; your hair is a statement and you want to make it a great one.

Healthy hair habits go a long way to not only protecting your hair but making those bad hair days a thing of the past. If you are looking for ways to keep your hair strong and looking beautiful, get rid of bad hair habits by following these 13 tips.

1. Wash in Luke Warm Water

Everyone loves hot showers. They are invigorating and soothing, however hot water will damage your hair. It strips away the natural essential oils on your scalp that give your hair shine.

When it comes to washing your hair in the shower, make sure to dial it down a bit on the temperature. Lukewarm water is the best idea for healthy hair.

2. Go Easy on the Scrubbing

While you are in the shower going to town with the scrubbing, remember that more is not always best. You don’t need to attack your hair or scalp to get it clean.

Be careful of using fingernails that can scratch, and instead use the balls of your fingers and massage the shampoo in gently.

3. Always Use Conditioner

For those with thin hair or hair that tends to be oily and need frequent washings, it seems like a good idea to skip on the conditioner. That is untrue and can hurt your hair.

All hair types need conditioning. You do need to be careful about bad hair products. Do some research and find a good shampoo/conditioner combo for your specific hair type.

4. Remember the Deep Conditioner Also

In addition to the regular conditioner that you use when shampooing, your hair also needs an extra dose of deep conditioning.

These products do not require a lot of extra time but go a long way in providing protection to your strands and helping to keep it hydrated and full of shine.

5. Stop Towel Drying

Your hair is extremely fragile as soon as you get out of the shower. Grabbing a towel and rubbing your head with it can damage your hair. The material in most cotton towels will break down your strands and cause split ends.

Try gently blotting your hair to remove the excess water.

6. Don’t Brush Your Hair When It Is Still Wet

In line with the tip above, do not brush your hair when it is wet. Brushing can pull out hair at the roots and wreak havoc on the other strands.

You should always start at the ends using a wide-tooth comb and a detangling spray.

7. Vitamins Are a Vital Ingredient of Healthy Hair Habits

Good nutrition helps all aspects of your body, including your hair. A diet rich in vegetables and fruit will provide nutrients to your scalp and hair. Drinking plenty of water helps keep it hydrated and shiny.

There are even certain foods that will help your hair grow.

Supplements for your hair will give it an extra boost of vitamins to protect against damage.

8. Avoid Too Much Styling Heat

Few people can leave the house with just air-dried hair. Almost everyone uses a variety of styling tools that produce heat from blow dryers to curling irons to straighteners.

While those tools do make the hair look great, they also cause damage if used too often or with too high of a heat setting. Try a lower heat temperature on the dryer. It may take a few extra moments, but the damage prevented is worth it.

Here are some tips for how to correctly blow dry your hair.

You should also use heat protection products that form a shield around your hair while still allowing the wand or curling iron to work its magic.

It is also recommended to occasionally just go natural with little or no heated styling tools. The break can do your hair good.

9. Remember Your Scalp

Do you know how good a back or shoulder massage feels? imagine that on your scalp.

A good scalp massage is not only relaxing, but it stimulates your hair follicles. it aids in blood flow to the scalp and all of those things lead to healthy hair.

10. Keep the Split Ends Trimmed

Even when you do everything right with your hair, it will still develop split ends. Wanting to grow your hair out is great, but don’t sacrifice length for strong beautiful locks.

You need regular hair trims to keep the damage at bay and healthy enough to keep growing. There are varying opinions on how often you should go for that trim, but here are some guidelines based on your type of hair and hairstyle.

11. Go Easy on the up Dos

If you have had a stressful day, are heading to the gym, or just not feeling the hassle of a complete styling routine, it is common to throw your hair up in a ponytail and clip.

While that is not a bad idea occasionally, be careful not to twist or tie up your hair with cheap or tight elastic bands. Do not pull too tight and opt for hair ties made specifically with soft fabric to minimize damage.

12. Sun Protection

The sun not only does a number on your skin, but it can also hurt your hair. The sun can dry out your hair and burn your scalp.

If you plan to be out in the sun for long periods of time, considering using a scarf or hat for added protection and even a little fashion flair to boot.

13. Learn to Destress

Stress is one of life’s constants and not easy to avoid. It is also one of the worse bad hair habits.

Stress not only affects your mental health, but it also shows up in the body and on the skin and hair.

Practice whatever self-care tips you find works best for you, but keep your stress to a minimum and you will reap multiple benefits to both body and soul.

The Goal – Healthy Hair

In your goal to have a luscious, shiny mane, make sure to avoid bad hair habits.

A few extra steps, good nutrition, and a healthy overall attitude will go a long way to producing the beautiful hair you desire

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