Tricovel® Fortifying Shampoo® with Biogenina®
This delicate, fortifying shampoo is indicated use with Tricovel® tablets or Tricovel® vials. It is a very gentle shampoo that will help protect new hair growth. Suitable for women and men. Tricovel® contains Biogenina® the same active ingredient as Tricovel® Tablets and Tricovel® Vials


Ideal for strong, healthy and beautiful hair and provide a stimulating action on hair bulbs and help counteract hair loss.


About The Product

Tricovel® shampoo contains Biogenina®, the patented compound developed by Giuliani Anti-Hair Loss Research and selected active ingredients. Its precious wheat proteins repair the fiber of hair, giving it a special sheen and softness.

Pro-vitamin B5 nourishes and hydrates hair, protecting it from chemical and styling stresses (hairdryers, brushes, etc).

Tricovel® Fortifying Shampoo®

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New Triactive3 Technology

The new Triactive3 (micellar) technology enables Biogenina® to resist rinsing.

Thanks to this new technology, Biogenina®:
- adheres to the hair shaft and to the scalp.
- resists rinsing.
- is released gradually.


Use the fortify shampoo when you hair appears opaque or when it is thin and fragile.
Apply the shampoo to wet hair with a gentle massage.
Allow the product to act for a few minutes and then rinse the hair thoroughly.
It may be used every day.


Tricovel® Fortifying Shampoo

The fortifying shampoo is ideal to complement Tricovel® Tablets and Vials anti-hair loss treatments with Biogenina®