Harmful Chemicals in Hair Products That You Need to Avoid

According to a study done by Harvard Health, some hair care products contain more than 5,000 chemicals.

While some of these products are not harmful to your health, others can cause damage to your natural hormones and may even be linked to cancer.

Do you want to learn more about the harmful chemicals in hair products that you need to avoid? Keep reading to see which chemicals are bad for your hair!

Bad Ingredients in Hair Products

There are so many ingredients in your hair products that are toxic and can lead to many issues. In fact, many of these ingredients can damage your hair, make it more brittle, or can cause stress on your scalp.

Here are some of the harmful chemicals in hair products that you should avoid. 

1. Parabens

Parabens are an ingredient in many products that help extend the shelf life of your beauty products, especially shampoo and conditioner. It is essentially a preservative to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. These include any ingredients that end with paraben, like propylparaben, methylparaben, and more. 

While parabens do extend the shelf life of your products, they are also easily absorbed into your skin. This means hair products with parabens can cause issues with your scalp and may even lead to hair loss. 

2. Silicone

Silicone is often found in hair products because they trap moisture in your hair. It keeps your hair hydrated, preventing frizz and protecting it from heat damage. 

However, silicone is also known to create build-up on your hair follicles. Because it doesn’t wash off easily in the water, it can be hard to wash and can make your hair duller. 

3. Alcohol

Something else that is commonly found in hair care products is alcohol. This can come in many forms, but it is generally used for its evaporation qualities.

While it may not seem bad for your hair at first, alcohol can dry out your hair and take the moisture out of it. Not only does this make your hair susceptible to breakage and other damage, but it can also make your hair dry and frizzy.

Avoid this ingredient in all of your hair care products!

4. Sulfates

Sulfates are a type of cleansing chemical that is often found in shampoo. However, they are also found in household cleaners. These sulfates are what make it easy for your shampoo to lather and what cleans your hair. 

However, because they are cleaning products, they can strip the natural and healthy oils out of your hair as well. This means your hair will be dried out and won’t have the necessary oils to protect it. 

Sulfates aren’t necessarily dangerous, but they can cause dry scalp and hair. It is always better to find natural hair products. 

5. Phthalates

Many hair products include added fragrances. These fragrances also often include phthalates. They are what make your fragrances last longer during the day. 

These phthalates are often used in hairspray, shampoo and conditioner, and other hair care products with fragrances. While there isn’t conclusive evidence, some studies show that phthalates may cause problems with reproduction and may increase the risk of breast cancer. 

To avoid phthalates in your hair care products, it is best to find products that are fragrance-free. 

Good Ingredients in Hair Products

While there are many types of ingredients found in hair products that can be bad for your hair, there are other natural ingredients that can help you create healthy hair.

There are many natural hair products that include healthy and organic ingredients. In fact, many hair care tips recommend using these types of ingredients in hair masks and more.

Here are some of the best ingredients that you should look for in your hair care products. 

1. Natural Oils

There are many natural oils that promote healthier, thicker, and shinier hair. Because they are natural products, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals damaging your hair. 

If you are looking for natural oils, some of the best include coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil. These oils are good for your skin and will not dry out your hair or your scalp.

If you are trying to create a healthy hair mask out of natural oils, use this olive oil hair mask recipe.

2. Aloe Vera

Another natural ingredient that is good for your hair is aloe vera. It is a natural growing plant and has many vitamins and minerals. Not only does it help soothe burnt or dry skin, but it can also strengthen your hair. 

Because it is good for your skin, aloe vera can also help soothe a dry scalp. If you have noticed that your scalp is itchy or flaking, aloe vera can help with that too. 

3. Seaweed

Finally, if you are looking for hair products with healthy ingredients, find something with seaweed. Seaweed includes collagen, which helps to hydrate your hair and allows it to grow longer and thicker. 

If you need to improve the quality of your hair, seaweed can help rejuvenate and hydrate dry and damaged hair.

Ditch the Harmful Chemicals in Hair Products Today

While it can be difficult to find good-quality hair products with safe ingredients, it is necessary to stop using harmful chemicals in hair products if you want to grow strong and healthy hair.

However, there are other ways you can improve your hair quality too. 

If you want products that can help protect new hair growth and make your hair grow faster, Tricovel can help! Our products come in tablet and shampoo form and can help you get stronger and healthier hair.

Contact our team today to learn more about our revolutionary hair care products.

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